Monday, June 9, 2008

Setting Things Straight

The old (or not so old) axiom of "Government is not the solution, it is the problem" is so simple, so true, so relevant and so utterly ignored by the masses that it defies logic and causes the loss of faith in the country's general population. A systemic problem of entitlement has permeated our society and with it has come the inability of our fellow citizens to accept any shred of responsibility in any facet of their lives. The problem has become so pronounced that each subsequent generation brought up in this "me" mentality has too, by the very nature of the disease, be infected to a greater degree than the generations previous. When political correctness trumps common sense, when activist judges try to make the law instead of enforce it, when extreme tolerance is espoused as a nobler pursuit than honesty or integrity and when government is used as a tool to save the poor ignorant masses from themselves, Jefferson rolls over in his grave. Now he's pissed. Jefferson's Ghost will no longer stand by and silently watch the bastardization of the "Great Experiment" that he helped birth. He can no longer tolerate the incredulous demands of a few that we as a nation supplant our individual freedoms, our inalienable rights as men to placate a global community that does not share our thirst for self sufficiency, hard work or the ability to succeed or fail based on our own merits guaranteed us by the writings and teachings of our founding fathers. The Ghost of Jefferson is now dedicated to preserving what remnants of our individual freedoms remain, those that have been so costly fought over and that have come with such a price, that to witness them being trampled is an affront to every person who calls himself an American or who aspires to one day be able to do so.

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