Sunday, June 15, 2008

D.C. is now a defacto Police State!

Washington D.C. is the home to some of the most Draconian gun laws this nation has ever seen. We are all aware of the pending U.S. Supreme Court case District of Columbia v. Heller, which is an appeal from Parker v. District of Columbia, that is basically trying to strike down a 1975 law enacted by the districts city council instigating a total ban on handguns, and prohibiting keeping any gun assembled and loaded at home (i.e. negating any possible use of a firearm for self defense). D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty outrageously claimed that D.C.`s gun laws "decrease gun violence." The facts however are that D.C.`s murder rate rose 200% within 15 years after the laws were imposed, while the rate for the rest of the U.S. remained comparatively stable and even declined. The District has become known as "the murder capital of the United States," and according to the FBI, usually has the highest murder rate of any major U.S. city, and always far worse than the rest of the country. This does not come as a shock to anyone with a little common sense. The simple principle the negates any effective gun control laws is the fact that only law abiding citizens respect the laws. Criminals, by definition, do not follow the letter of the law and consequently love the naivety of gun control measures that do nothing but disarm law abiding citizens from their constitutional right to self defense and turn them into easy prey. I could write for months on the specific instances of the failure of the District's draconian gun laws but it is self evident in the current police state that is the District of Columbia. D.C. police have installed "checkpoints" in areas of the city still reeling from violence that left several people dead and numerous wounded. Police Chief Cathy Lanier's plan designates certain parts of D.C. as "Neighborhood Safety Zones." The idea being that police will be able to stop anyone entering the neighborhood, demand to know what business they have there, and either let them pass, turn them away, or search them if they're deemed "suspicious." Mayor Adrian Fenty and Police Chief Cathy Lanier say "sealing off" the areas which recently witnessed the violence will keep the peace. The same people who disarm their residents in order to save them from themselves now have a crime epidemic, which they chose to fight with gestapo type tactics and continually blame the guns not the criminals using them who violated their precious gun ban. Does anyone else see the irony of the seat of democracy and freedom for the entire world being a gestapo police state besieged by violent gun toting criminals in spite of the most severe gun ban in the nation? Gun control at its finest.

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