Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gun Control Fact vs. Fiction!

A Boston based gun ban group, "Stop Handgun Violence" has put up what they claim to be the nations largest billboard just outside of Fenway Park. The advertisement proposes that due to their states anti gun laws that "you're more likely to live" in Massachusetts. According to the FBI, nothing could be further from the truth. In 1998 Massachusetts passed the "Gun Control Act of 1998" which effectively cut the number of licensed gun owners in the Commonwealth by approximately 1.26 million. Yes, that is million with an "M". They did this by sneakily changing the requirements for gun licenses, raising fees, lengthening the list of "disqualifying reason" to be denied a license, requiring licenses for ammunition, pepper spray and many other benign things. The result was many gun owners lost their RIGHT to own a self defense firearm due to minor misdemeanor infractions that occurred decades ago. Additionally the commonwealth gives local law enforcement the right to rule the local population with middle ages like oppression in regard to firearm ownership. Now, the good news. Fortunately for most of us here in the U.S. we are offered little proving grounds for the effect of these draconian gun control measures, unlike our brothers overseas. The U.K., Australia and South Africa have all passed severe restrictions on the general population and have been rewarded with increased violent crime rate. In the U.K. alone the number of police officers shot in the line of duty has risen 60% in the years since more restrictive gun laws were installed. South Africa and Australia have both seen violent crime rates rise in direct correlation to the more gun control regulations forced upon their respective populace. This is not partisan pandering but rather cold hard facts. Back in the U.S. we unfortunately now have a few locals where the unwitting local population has been duped by the anti gunners into allowing passage of legislation that severely limits their individual freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. The two most notable locations are the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are all aware of the current state of affairs in the District of Columbia, with their skyrocketing violent crime rates and their perennial throne as the murder capital of the country but somehow the state of Massachusetts has avoided the national spotlight. Of course this could not possibly be due to the fact that the main stream media in this country would be loath to report the facts in a case like this that refutes their maligned belief that less guns in the hands of law abiding Americans make its safer for all. This Utopian vision is shattered by the recent FBI's Uniform Crime Report which revealed that the commonwealth's murder rate rose 49% between 1997 and 2006, while the nation wide number dropped by 16% over the same time span. Worth mentioning, is the fact that in the eight years prior to the passage of the "Gun Control Act of 1998" the Massachusetts murder rate declined by 55%. In 2006 the FBI statistics reflect that Massachusetts' per capita murder rate was 192% higher than New Hampshire, 66% higher than Maine, 50% higher than Vermont and 10% higher than tiny Rhode Island. Perhaps more telling is that since the Mass. law has been passed is the fact that assault related emergency room visits have increased by 331% and assault outpatient observations have increased 590%. All sharply contrasted by the 40 states that have "Right to Carry" laws which have seen a marked decrease in violent crime across the board. There is no denying that over the past 20 years since "Right to Carry" has become more commonplace that those states that chose to entrust their law abiding populace the constitutionally guaranteed right of self defense that violent crime has decreased exponentially. So we can definitely say, unequivocally, that more guns equals less crime and if we look at the most recent FBI statistics we can honestly conclude that less guns in the hands of law abiding citizens equates to more crime and more hapless victims. When will the anti gunners understand the most basic principal of "Gun Control" is flawed. Passing a law that is observed only by the lawful puts the law abiding at a disadvantage to the lawless who by definition violate the very law naively passed by local and federal governments pass off as protecting society from itself. This is worth repeating: ONLY LAW ABIDING CITIZENS FOLLOW THE LAW. PASSING LAWS IN ORDER TO STOP CRIMINALS IS INSANITY! CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY THE LAW OR THEY WOULD NOT BE CRIMINALS. please climb to your nearest rooftop and shout this to all who will listen!

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